GETApp Fradeani

The Guided Esthetic Treatment App by Fradeani Education is an easy and intuitive tool, developed with the aim of guiding the clinician in every step of the prosthetic treatment plan for a successful esthetic-functional rehabilitation.


What is GETApp

GETApp was developed by Dr. Fradeani based on his know-how on esthetic dentistry: together with his team, he thoroughly worked for over 2 years in implementing all the concepts guiding his very own philosophy in dentistry.

Dr. Mauro Fradeani’s GETApp is the digital transposition of his working method, previously outlined in his 2-volume book “Esthetic rehabilitation in fixed prosthodontics”, world-renowned for 20 years and translated in 12 languages.

Watch the video-tutorial and discover how GETApp can help you formulating the best possible prosthetic treatment plan for your patient!

GETApp is an app guiding the dentist step-by-step in the formulation of an ideal treatment plan.

GETApp allows the dentist to define an ideal prosthetic treatment plan, supported by pictures and multimedia evidence: from the collection of data related to the patient’s case history to personal demands and expectations, through a complete esthetic and functional analysis, to the processing of all the uploaded information.


1. Purchase GETApp on your iPad

GETApp is available on iPad only.

It can be downloaded on App Store at a one-off € 169,00 purchase.


2. Choose your subscription plan

Subscription is not mandatory, though necessary to have full access to three main features in GETApp: storage of pictures and movies taken with GETApp on a remote server, allowing the dental lab full access thanks to the PDF generated by the app; the possibility of modifying the case also after finalizing it; possibility to access saved cases on all iPads thanks to the GETApp account.

The subscription options are three:
• 1 month - € 33,99
• 3 months - € 28,66/month
• 1 year - € 22,92/month


3. Upload your first case

On our YouTube channel you can find several movies recorded by Dr. Mauro Fradeani about how to correctly use GETApp. Every step has a “red push button” which can be tapped in every moment to display a detailed explanation of each single page and all suggestions provided by Dr. Fradeani himself. Moreover, a “question mark” button points out all the interactions possible on every step of the App. At the end of the guided steps, GETApp will generate a PDF file with the suggested ideal treatment plan, which can be viewed by the dental lab by simply opening it with a PDF reader.

Contact us if for further details!

GETApp Fradeani: what users think about it

More than 650 dentists worldwide are excited about how much their daily work has improved thanks to GETApp. Join them!

“The App works as a test bench for the resolution of clinical cases. It offers measures and means to correctly reach the best solution.”

“The App fulfilled my need of an instrument for the collection of data and for an effective definition of the treatment plan.”

“Besides me, the App is used by my associate prosthodontists, as well as by our orthodontists. We are introducing an orthodontic analysis software in which integration with the GETApp will be a fundamental aspect, leading my associate orthodontists to be able to autonomously use the App.”

“Before using the App the situation was a disaster: in the best case I had a paper file on which I wrote all indications, in the worst case the dental lab received very few data about the case and this meant incoherences in the prosthetic work delivered in the clinic.”

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